our main products contains: Stainless steel spherical bearing housing、Engineering plastics bearing housing、Zinc alloy bearing housing、punching bearing housing、iron casting bearing housing and so on.

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The company's website is open, welcome ne

The companys website is open, welcome new and old customers to visit this station

Common fault of rolling bearing

Common fault of rolling bearing The failure of rolling bearing generally shows tw

he basic situation of the products produc

Warmly congratulate Changzhou Shi Hui transmission Co., Ltd. in the 0 month of 20

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: vertical bearing: P200 series (P203-P220), P300 series (P305-P328) of this type

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The basic situation of the products produced by Changzhou

Warmly congratulate Changzhou Shi Hui transmission Co., Ltd. in the 0 month of 20 through the ISO900:2000 international quality management system certification.
Changzhou Shihui transmission parts Co. Ltd is the production of various types of bearings and spherical bearings of professional manufacturers, specializing in the production of spherical bearings, spherical bearing.
The product model of our company:
The type of the outer spherical cast bearing seat:
P200 series (P203-P220), P300 series (P305-P328);
F200 series (F203-F220), F300 series (F305-F328);
FL200 series (F203-F28), FL300 series (FL305-FL35);
PA200 series (PA203-PA23);
PH200 series (PH203-PH23);
HA200 series (HA203-HA23);
FA200 series (FA203-FA23);
FB200 series (FB203-FB23);
FC200 series (FC203-FC220);
FS300 series (FS305-FS328);
T200 series (T203-T220), T300 series (T305-T328);
K200 series (K203-K28);
C200 series (C203-C28), C300 series (C305-C328) and so on;
Spherical bearings:
UCP200 series and UCP300 series;
UCF200 series and UCF300 series;
UCFL200 series and UCFL300 series;
UCPA200 series;
UCPH200 series;
UCHA200 series;
UCFA200 series;
UCFB200 series;
UCFC200 series;
UCFS300 series;
UCT200 series and UCT300 series;
UCK200 series and UCK300 series;
UCC200 series and so on;
The type of outer spherical plate stamping base: PP200 series, CY200 series, CL200 series and so on.
And the processing business of all kinds of non - standard bearing seats can be carried on according to the needs of the customers.
The processing technology of the company is advanced: all the work pieces are numerically controlled machine tool processing, the surface of the bearing seat all use electrostatic paint.
Welcome domestic and foreign customers to come to people, call, letter to negotiate business
Enterprise website:
Electronic mailbox: 5083703@qq.com
Sales Hotline: 383676349 Zhu Manager

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